Let PIPS Ohio Detailing bring your vehicles paint to life! Paint corrections and restorations can take swirled, scratched, and oxidized paint and bring back the shine and gloss making it look better than ever.

Ability to remove:
✓ Scratches and swirls
✓ Etching from bugs or bird droppings
✓ Water spots
✓ Oxidation
✓ Hazing
✓ Buffer trails & more!

Making your vehicle look better than ever before. Many options available from simple one step paint enhancements, to show level corrections, PIPS Ohio Detailing has you covered.


Whether your vehicle is in need of a major correction or just a polish to bring out the best shine possible, we have many methods and techniques to ensure you get the results you're looking for. What sets us apart from the rest is our in person inspections and test/sample area to asses whats required for your desired results. Give us a call or send us a text to get your inspection scheduled.

Call to schedule your inspection

Although every paint correction is unique and requires an individual assessment, here are some guidelines to get you started:

Paint Enhancement:
✓Increases gloss and clarity
✓Increases shine
✓Removes minor swirls only

One Step Correction:

▶︎40-60% of swirls and light scratches removed
▶︎Great for improving a "daily driver's"  appearance

Two Step Correction:

▶︎50-85% of swirls, light, and medium scratches removed
▶︎Great for making a major improvement on a vehicles appearance
▶︎Will make the biggest difference "to the eye." 

Three Step Correction/Restoration
▶︎90-95% of all defects removed
▶︎Anything we are able to remove without removing excessive clear coat will be removed.
▶︎Best for show cars, and cars that are more meticulously kept.

After your paint correction, have us install a ceramic coating to keep your vehicle looking great and make your maintenance a breeze! 

Ceramic coating packages


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